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Planning for Retirement - Start a Pension

We would all like to stop work at some point. We also wish to have an income to allow us to stop. The current state contributory pension is a little over €230 per week for a single person. Based on this figure, a single person earning €40,000 would experience a 70% drop in income on retirement.

We are all living longer so we will be retired for longer. As a result, the funds we require to support a comfortable lifestyle need to be bigger to last for what we all hope is an extended period.

Saving for retirement will be a great financial decision. When you start a pension you provide yourself with a platform to save regularly, for a long time, receive tax-relief on your contributions and the funds grow tax-free.

Used properly, it is a fantastic vehicle to tax-efficiently transfer funds from your business to an asset that you own personally. Whether you are employed, a company director or self-employed we can advise you on the options available to you.

Personal Pension and PRSA's

Personal Pensions (or PRSAs) are for self-employed (Schedule D) earners, or those who do not wish to avail of the employer-sponsored pension scheme.

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Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)

An Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) is a personal retirement fund where you can keep your money invested after retirement, as a lump sum.

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Company / Director's Pension

Are you a director of a company? Did you know that you can avail of the generous benefits available to you under the company pension route?

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